Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Makiah

Here is cute little Makiah in August, 2008. She was almost 6 weeks old. This was right before Jessica left for Indiana. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile? It was one of the first times that she tried that. We loved having her in our home for a whole week! We miss all of the Batemans very much!
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Gardner Village in August of 2008

Shannon, Jessica and I took the kids to Gardner Village in August right before Jessica left for Indiana. We walked around and enjoyed the shops but the best part was the petting zoo. Jillian, Sophie and Evan loved it. It was fun to watch them react to seeing the cute animals. I knew that that Jessica and her family would be gone soon (Dallas was already gone) so I treasured this time I had with all of them. What a fun day!
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Gardner Village-August 2008

Jillian really looked forward to riding on the ponies. She chose the biggest one.
Evan was a little more apprehensive. But he stayed on the whole time! Makiah is there, too. Can you see her?
Sophie loved the ponies but she wanted to get back to the petting zoo. It was a fun day!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here is our family as of August, 2008. We waited for Makiah to be born so she could be included. Matthew was the photographer. We took it in Grandma Fowler's front yard. I think it turned out nice. I'll tell you about everyone starting at the top left. Shannon and Paul live in Bountiful and have a beautiful little girl-Sophie Lilia. Shannon is working at a Montessori school and Paul has just started a job at the Salt Lake County sheriff's department in protective services. Sophie just turned two and is taking dance lessons. Becky and Brandon live in North Salt Lake in a new subdivision. Becky is a financial director at the U's Mental Health Hospital. Brandon is going to school at SLCC and is working at Sorensen Communication. Cami is living in Holladay and is a financial aid counselor at LDS Business College. Joel is going to school at Neumont University and is studying computer science. Jessica and Dallas just moved to Indiana where Dallas is working on getting his Master's in Statistics at Purdue. Jessica is doing well after having her 2nd child, Makiah, who was born on July 16. Evan will be 2 in January and is learning lots of words now. They are both so cute! On the front row, we have Bethany who is a Senior at Bingham High. She does very well in school and is taking an AP art class this year. Jillian is 10 years old and is a 5th grader at Jordan Ridge Elementary. Jesse and I celebrated our 31st anniversary this year. Jesse is the controller at Blue Cross Bank. We love our family!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi to everyone. This is our family. We have been in the process of building a cabin for the past 5 years. The first year was putting in the foundation, water tank and septic system. The pictures we have of that year are not on here...we only have them in an album. When we break down and get a scanner, I'll add them. Right now, I have added a slide show for each of the other years except this one- it's not finished yet. Plus, I have a slide show of Grandma Fowler's cabin when the outside was updated in 2007. Enjoy. More later about our family.