Sunday, August 16, 2009

Demi's blessing

Demi Aaliyah was blessed by her Grandpa Johnson
on a beautiful, summer day: August 16, 2009

Shannon, Sophie, Demi, and Paul


Demi and Grandma Fowler

The 4 generations

There are a lot of girls in our family.
Cami, Barbara, Jillian, Grandma Fowler, Sophie, Shannon, Bethany, Jessica, and Makiah
Becky and Alison couldn't be there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jessica and Makiah come for a Visit

Makiah and Jessica used Joel's and Alison's reception as an excuse to come and visit.
We all had so much fun.
We went to the school and got Jillian and had lunch on the lawn next door.

Makiah loves our new dog, Carly. And Carly loves her.
Makiah liked it when Carly was calm.
Breakfast with Grandpa

We went to visit Grandma Fowler.
Makiah and Sophie watched a deer enjoy Grandma's yard.
Lunch with Grandma Fowler