Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Baby Budgies

We decided to try to breed budgies again.  We've tried this before when our older children were children.  Jillian wasn't around then and she loves animals of all kinds so we've made it a family project.  Budgies are English budgerigars which are native to Australia.  The parakeets you see everywhere in pet stores are American budgerigars and are slightly smaller. We have 5 pairs and this is our first clutch of eggs.  Jesse, Cami, Jillian and I are in charge of this project.  Bethany took some of these pictures for us.

This is Topaz, the mother.  She gets out of the nest when we come to check and see what's happening.  She always peeks around the corner to see when we're done.  She's right back in the nest box as soon as the lid closes.  She's a good mom.

Chick # 1!  It hatched last Friday.   Jesse compared its size to a large spider!  We think it's slightly cuter than a spider.

By Monday morning, we had 4 chicks!  That was fast.  The 1st chick is already twice as big as #4 (on top).

Here is the mom with her babies.  Both she and the dad (Pops) will feed the babies by regurgitating their food.  We can tell the babies are being fed because their crops (just above their chests) are full.  Can you see the yellow in their crops?


  1. So fun! I love that you are doing this. Keep up the blog, it makes me happy! I like the updated header, soon we will have a new family photo too!